What Is A CNC Milling Machine?

A milling machine is a machine equipped with milling cutters (cutting tools similar to drill bits). Their rotary movement and displacement in a particular plane are used to cut, rough, notch, or drill different types of materials.

In the beginning, these machines were almost exclusively mechanical and commanded by an operator who would have to determine through handwheels and handles the movements that the cutter would make.

With the advent of information technology and the creation of stepper motors (electric motors where it is possible to control the rotation, the direction of rotation, the amount of rotation in degrees of the motor shaft, etc.) and the consequent automation of various equipment, the CNC milling machines.

The normal work sequence with this equipment is the generation of a computer model, which is then transformed through an application into coordinates we call G code. With this, through a computer program connected to the milling machine, it is possible to make this computer move the cutter, which is in rotation, through the material we want to work, roughing, cutting, etc., following the coordinates that the computer sends it.

With the dissemination and large-scale manufacture of the various components that make up this equipment, its manufacture has become very accessible in selling CNC machines (จำหน่าย เครื่อง cnc which is the term in Thai).

CNC timeline

until 1950

There were at that time two main types of production systems:

Manually operated equipment – ​​small/medium production volume and had great flexibility;

Automatic production systems – large volumes of production with its dedicated technology and hardware-based.

after 1950

There was a reduction in the lifespan of products due to increased competition and consumer demand for all production of medium volumes; Increasing the complexity of the shape of parts to meet the aesthetic preferences and technical requirements of parts for technologically advanced products, such as aeronautics and automobile – production of parts with complex shapes.