What You Should Know About Cloud-native AWS Services and Services Companies

Traditional solutions designed for on-premise environments increase enterprise complexity and result in sub-optimal performance. In contrast, cloud-native applications are designed to capture the scalability, availability, elasticity, and resiliency benefits of cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS). They take advantage of cloud-native services like containers, microservices, and application programming interfaces (APIs).

What are cloud-native services?

What benefits do they to organizations?

And what role do cloud-native services companies play in bringing these services to enterprises?

Let’s take a look.

What are Cloud-native Services?

The best cloud providers like AWS deliver world-class cloud-native services that enable developers to build better applications faster. These services support modern application development using new-age technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, serverless computing, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

These services provide a comprehensive and standardized development platform so developers can easily build and deploy cloud-native applications. Moreover, they can use the familiar languages, tools, and frameworks that best meet the organization’s needs, without worrying about infrastructure maintenance.

The Benefits of Cloud-native Services

Cloud-native services enable companies to create cloud-native applications by using modern tech trends like Agile, DevOps, microservices, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). By shifting application development from on-prem to the cloud, they can save considerably on time, money, effort, and resources.

Organizations that create cloud-native applications can create a competitive advantage over their peers and differentiate their offerings in the market. They can also make quick application iterations to stay on top of technological and business developments.

Cloud-native services eliminate many management and maintenance activities associated with building, operating, and maintaining software. Developers can focus on building applications instead of wasting time on operational tasks like managing Kubernetes clusters. Moreover, these applications are more scalable, resilient, and easy to update as per changing requirements.

All in all, cloud-native services are all about speed and agility – both of which are crucial requirements in the hyper-dynamic modern landscape of complex applications and demanding users.

What Does a Cloud-native Services Company Do?

An AWS-focused cloud-native services company enables organizations to migrate to the AWS cloud with minimal hassle and at low cost. Their developers, DevOps teams, and architects bring advanced experience and skills in multiple cloud-native technologies to build and run scalable applications in the AWS Cloud per their clients’ business needs.

Further, their AWS-certified professionals:

  • Build world-class applications optimized for modern cloud environments
  • Help improve the quality of enterprise cloud-native workloads
  • Migrate legacy monolith applications to the cloud for improved scalability, reliability, and security


Cloud-native services are designed to optimize app performance. Their built-in management capabilities simplify application development and deployment. They also leverage powerful technologies to improve app performance and scalability.

The best way to capture these benefits is to work with an experienced cloud-native services provider like Axcess.io. The right provider enables firms to leverage appropriate cloud-native services for their unique situations and business objectives.